Superscale 72-080: A-6A Intruder

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Long Out of Production


Scott Van Aken

Once again, I delve into the vaults for some really old sheets. This one is for the A-6A Intruder and while there is no recommended kit, the only ones around at the time were from Hasegawa and perhaps Fujimi did on in 1/72 as well. Nowadays, modelers will go for the Italeri or later Fujimi kits as they really are superb models. All of these are in the light gull grey over white scheme with most of them sporting black radomes. Since these are early A-6As, all had functioning dive brakes in a dark, weathered metal color.

First up is from VA-196 from the USS Constellation. No date is given, but it does carry a 'Gulf of Tonkin Yacht Club' sticker on it.

Next is a VA-42 aircraft from the east coat RAG. The fin tip on this one will have to be painted in green, the squadron color.

From the USS Kitty Hawk is this VA-75 aircraft. No real color in it, but it does have an off-white radome.

Finally, also from the USS Kitty Hawk, is this VA-85 Intruder. The rudder and fins on the drop tanks are yellow and again, will have to be painted by the builder. There are full data markings for all planes. Insignia will have to come from the kit or another sheet.

Review copy courtesy of me and my diligent searching through piles of decals at swap meets.

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