Sheet #

Microscale 72-056, USN, USAAF 





Review By:

Scott Van Aken


Various US WW2 Aces


This is one of Microscale's initial batch of decal sheets. Like those other early sheets, there is no decal placement guide. In fact, there is very little other than the markings that were unique to the aircraft in general. 

Like many of those earlier sheets, the quality of the printing isn't up to today's standards, but one must remember that the average kit decal sheet wasn't too hot either!

Starting from the left and going down, we have:

McKennon's P-51D 'Ridge Runner'
Whistner's P-51D 'Moonbeam McSwine'
McGuire's P-38J 'Pudgy V'
Bong's P-38J 'Marge'

On the right side:

Kepford's F4U-1
Boyington's F4U-1
McCampbell's F6F-5 'Minsi III'
Eagleton's P-47D 

A nice selection of aircraft of the aces.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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