Superscale 48-961: P-40E Warhawks

Units: 49 FG




Scott Van Aken

I'm pretty sure that most, if not all of these markings come from previously issued sheets, but regardless, it is nice to have them back. The recommended kits are either the AMtech or Otaki P-40E, though if you have the old Revell kit, the markings should fit.

First up is 'Dollye' of the 8th FS in Darwin during 1942. It is in standard OD over Neutral grey with a winged horse and a fuselage star with no blue surround. I built this kit in 1/72 and got several e-mails telling me that the markings were wrongly interpreted. Well, your choice on this, but it does make for a nice looking model.

Next is 'Texas Longhorn', the aircraft of Lt John Landers of the 9th FS in Australia during 1942. It is in the desert scheme of Sand and Medium Green over Azure Blue.

The final plane is 'Typhoon McGoon' of Lt Clyde Kinsley of the 8th FS in New Guinea during 1942. It has Field Green and Dark Earth over Neutral Grey camouflage with an all white tail.

Not only are full insignia supplied, but so is a full stencil suite and some bomb markings. Also included are wheel cover and instrument panel decals.

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