Superscale 48-957: P-47D-30 Thunderbolt

Units: 79th FG




Scott Van Aken

Here is a nice T-bolt sheet for a couple of planes from the 79th FG. Both are in natural metal and both use the 13' Curtiss Electric asymmetrical prop. There is no suggested kit as I'm not really sure who does a D-30 as both aircraft have the long fin fillet fitted to these planes and retrofitted to several older bubbletops. There is no indication of which wheels were used as often these planes had the spoked versions instead of the ones with the wheel covers. These were often used on older planes as well. Both aircraft have blue tails and spinners with OD anti-glare panels

First is 'Dove Andare Babe/Koolry's Komet' from the 87th FS. This plane has the lightning bolts with the black outline on the tail.

The other is an unnamed plane as flown by the Squadron CO of the 85th FS. This one has varying shades of OD for the anti-glare panel and the tail lightning bolts have no outline.

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