Superscale 48-956: P-47N Thunderbolt

Units: 333FS/318 FG




Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet covers but one aircraft; '2 Big and Too Heavy/Short Snorter' from the 333 FS/318 FG at Ie Shima in the last months of the Pacific War. The aircraft is overall natural metal with an OD anti-glare panel. It can be done before and after the wing markings change. To the the early plane, you leave off the 'Short Snorter' name and artwork. You also paint the upper half of the fin and outer half of the stabilizers in yellow. Black stripes are provided for the outline. The later plane has the the artwork added and the yellow and black stripes on the tailplanes. The cowling is yellow on both. The instructions show the wing tips being yellow as well, but there is some controversy as to whether this was done on either schemes. Another decal sheet does the later markings and leaves off the yellow wing tips. Really, your choice.

Though no kit is recommended, in 1/48 you only have a choice between the ProModeler and Academy kit. The Academy will be much easier to find as the ProModeler version has been out of production for several years.

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