Superscale 48-950: S-3B Viking

Units: VS-38




Scott Van Aken

One thing about being an old sea dog is that after we retire, we get to see the ships we sailed on and the aircraft we worked on being retired from service. It is inevitable and I've seen the A-3, H-3, and several others go away along with a bevy of carriers. One of the more recent is the S-3 Viking. It is disappearing with no replacement in sight or planned. Very recently, two units have been disestablished, one of them being VS-38. This is their CAG bird. No fancy multiple colors but there is a large Red Griffon on the tail of the FS 36320 painted aircraft. The recommended kit is the Italeri/AMT/ESCI S-3A kit which will need some minor mods to be brought up to S-3B standards. The builder will have to paint the fin and tail plane tips in red but the decal sheet includes the anti-glare panel, which is quite nice of Superscale to provide.

Here is a photo of the aircraft, courtesy of John Bibay.





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