Superscale 48-948: P-51D Mustang

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Scott Van Aken

Here is the first of two new Mustang sheets from Superscale. This one is for the D model and both are in natural metal. The recommended kit is from Tamiya but I'm sure that the ones from Hasegawa, Monogram, Otaki/Arii, or even Testors/Hawk will work just fine.

First up is James Starnes' 'Tar Heel' a 505 FS/339 FG Mustang. The spinner is white and red and the plane has an OD radio mast.

The other is 'Cookie' from the 368 FS/359 FG as flown by Lt. John Gordon. This one has D-Day stripes under the fuselage a green nose and spinner, OD radio mast, and yellow rudder with orange trim tab. That will keep you masking for a while!

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