Superscale 48-947: AV-8B Harriers (OIF)

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Scott Van Aken

Designed for the great new Hasegawa kit, this sheet provides markings for three planes that took part in Operation Iraqi Freedom. All are in the standard scheme of 36118/36231/36360. Ignore what the kit instructions tell you as their colors are probably wrong.

First up is from VMA-311. WL/03 caries a tally of mission markings under the forward canopy.

From VMA-223 comes WP/07. This one has a couple of interesting color features. One is a shark mouth. The other is the leading edge of the intake and fin are in a faded 26118.

The final Harrier II plus is EP/51 when assigned to HMM-265. It is quite common for Harriers to take on the codes of the medium helo unit when deployed aboard assault carriers.

Data markings are included for two aircraft if you make the right choices, as well as a proper placement guide. A fine sheet for your new Harrier II kit.

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