Superscale 48-946: AV-8B Harrier II - Night Attack

Units: VMA-513 & VMAT-203




Scott Van Aken

Timed to coincide the most recent Hasegawa 1/48 Harrier II, the Night Attack version, this sheet covers two aircraft, both in the standard scheme of FS 36118/36231/36320. I should point out that the colors called out in the kit are wrong, so use what is provided on the sheet. You are given enough common markings for both aircraft, which is nice for the Harrier addict.

The VMA-513 aircraft has a dark grey painted nose. Rather unusual for this variant as there is no actual radome on it.

The other aircraft is from VMAT-203, the training squadron for Harrier pilots and groundcrew. This unit has started using a very nice hawk motif on the fin of their planes.

Both schemes will look great on the new kit if you don't want to build yours as the options provided in the kit box.

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