Superscale 48-944: A-7D/E Corsair II

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Scott Van Aken


Here are an interesting pair of subjects. Both units have hornets on the tail as their squadron badge, but one is USAF while the other is USN. For kits, the only real option are those by Hasegawa.

First up is an A-7E from VA-113 'Stingers'. This is in the old high color scheme of light gull grey over white, and though a CAG bird, is not as colorful as one would normally expect.

The other is an A-7D of the 112 TFS/180 TFG based at Toledo, Ohio. At one time, there were four Ohio ANG units flying the A-7D. This one is in the later two greys scheme when the hornet motif was applied. Previously, the planes were downright boring with just a green fin stripe. This scheme has carried over to their F-16s.

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