Superscale 48-943: P-38J Lightnings

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Scott Van Aken

How about a nice P-38 sheet. This one will really enhance your Hasegawa, Academy, or Monogram kit, and includes a famous plane in the mix as well.

First up is Tommy McGuire's 'Pudgy V'. Superscale has provided the spinner and boom stripes, but the other red bits will have to be painted. When flying with the 431 FS/475 FG, Maj. McGuire became the second highest ranking US Ace. He was killed in action and McGuire AFB in New Jersey was named for him.

Next is an OD P-38J from the European theater. 'Journey's End' was flown by Lt.Col Meyers with the 38 FS/55 FG.

The final subject is 'Hey Stuff', flown by an unknown pilot. This one was with the 394th FS/367th FG and is in overall bare metal.

The problem with P-38s is that often the units they painted over the serial numbers, so you really cannot tell which variant of the P-38J it really is unless you have a photo. Fortunately, there are references given so you can do some research. There are real differences between early and later P-38Js.

The sheet provides enough insignia for two planes and enough data for one.

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