Superscale 48-936: P-47M Thunderbolt

Units: 63 FS/56 FG




Scott Van Aken


The only 8th AF fighter group not to convert to Mustangs was the 56th. It was also the only unit to fly the fast, but somewhat unreliable P-47M. What sets these Thunderbolts apart from others was that they were camouflaged in some rather interesting colors and schemes. All of the ones on this sheet were painted in Insignia Blue and Azure Blue while the undersides and upper wing leading edges were left in bare metal. All aircraft used the 13' Curtiss-Electric symmetrical prop. The recommended kits are by Hasegawa and Tamiya. There are enough insignia and data markings for one aircraft.

First up is 'Lookin for Trouble' and coded UN*B. You have optional starboard side markings and the port side markings are also shown.

Next is 'Darling Dottie'. You will note that all the planes have medium blue rudders. The builder will have to match the paint to the serials.

Finally, 'Ole-Miss Lil'. This one does not have a red surround to the codes. However, it and the other two do have bare metal windscreen and canopy frames.


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