Superscale 48-934: P-38J/L Lightnings

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Scott Van Aken


Superscale went back to some older sheets to bring this combination of aircraft for you. The recommended kit is the Academy P-38J, though I'd be willing to bet that you could fudge a bit and use the Hasegawa or Monogram offerings for this.

First up is 'Billy's Filly' from the 12 FS/18 FG. This is in overall bare metal and as a P-38L will have had all the updates.

Next is another bare metal P-38L, this one being 'Pacific Prowler' from the 44 FS/ 18 FG.

Finally an OD over Neutral Grey P-38J-10; 'Buffalo Blitz' from the 431 FS/475 FG. Those wanting accuracy will have to ensure that their plane does not have the anti-compressability flaps nor the boost pump bumps on the underside of the wings as these were not on the J-10 version.

The decal sheet provides full stencils and insignia for one aircraft.

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