Superscale 48-931: Fokker D.VII

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Scott Van Aken

As I mentioned in the previous Fokker D.VII sheet review, this one is also a direct reproduction of an earlier sheet that was reissued thanks to the new Roden 1/48 D.VII kits. There has been no change at all to the instructions  so I have included the little blurb from a reader concerning one of the schemes.

First is the Jasta 13 plane of Heinrich Piel in June 1918. It is painted in green on the forward section and blue on the rear with a white fin/rudder. Obviously, no one told Heinrich that it is gauche to mix blue and green!

The other aircraft is the mount of Rudolph Stark of Jasta 35. is plane is in a more tasteful black forward with white on the rear of the plane. Naturally, the wings of this and the other plane are in the lozenge pattern. Though it isn't mentioned, I'm thinking that the small wing between the wheels is in the lozenge pattern.

Regardless of which scheme is chosen, it will be colorful! Nice thing about D.VIIs is that there is darn little rigging that needs done! You'll also note that the insignia are in two parts to ensure proper registration.

Late information from reader Marlon Schultz   

" Please note to your readers that the "Rudolf Stark" aircraft is in reality the aircraft flown by Ltn. Josef Raech of Jasta 43.Terrible research by superscale.
There are various references in print that back this up, including photos of Stark and Raesch in their respective aircraft.
The caption in Alex Imrie's "Fokker Fighters of W.W.I " notes Raesch was shot down in flames in this aircraft on 25 July 1918. His life was saves by one of the (at the time) recently introduced Heinecke parachutes.
The axel wing is never in lozenge.
They were finished in:
 Fokker built aicraft - dark olive green/brown 
Albatros built - olive
O.A.W. built - split down approx centre - green/mauve."


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