Superscale 48-930: Fokker D.VII

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Scott Van Aken

It really is too bad that color photography wasn't around during the First World War. Though British planes were a bit dull, French ones had plenty of color and many German aircraft were absolutely stunning in the color and designs that were used in the latter half of the war.

Among those with some pretty gaudy decorations were the Fokker D.VIIs of the various German Air Service Jastas. This particular sheet has three very nice ones. What is not included are the lozenge decals that often cover much of the aircraft's wings so you'll have to get those from other sources. The debate over the color of this material is as hotly debated as late war Luftwaffe colors and US interior greens. I have several sheets of what was supposed to be the most accurate lozenge decals of the day and they are all different from each other!

Thanks to the new Roden 1/48 kits, Superscale has decided to reissue a couple of their older sheets.

Anyway, the first plane was flown by Wilhelm Kuhne from Jasta 18. It is vermillion red in the front (including the wings) and white on the aft section. The tail plane was sky blue with white stripes.

Next is  Walter Blume's Jasta9 aircraft. It is in your basic black and white. This one has lozenge fabric on the wings.

Finally, from Jasta 15 is the Jastafuhrer, Ltn Veltejns. His D.VII is vermillion red on the front with a blue fuselage and tail plane. It has white stripes on the tail plane like the previous two aircraft.


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