Superscale 48-929: P-51D Mustangs

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Scott Van Aken

In case you haven't noticed, Superscale likes to split up its new releases by doing some modern and some WWII and earlier schemes. This sheet is for the P-51D Mustang, a real favorite. It seems to be a reissue of an older sheet as there is a 1997 copyright date on the bottom of the instruction sheet. Anyway, there are lots of kits out there, though the 'serious' modelers will go for the Tamiya or Hasegawa kit. Those who aren't as serious may choose the Monogram, Testors, Arii/Otaki or several others. Both planes are in bare metal with OD anti-glare panels.

First up is 'Cheese Cake Chassis' of Lt. BJ Mayer of the 2nd ACG in Burma during 1945. It has a black canopy frame and black wing and stabilizer stripes.

These stripes are also on Bruce Carr's 'Angels Playmate', his 353 FS/354 FG Mustang. The nose of thie plane is yellow with an OD radio mast.

There are enough insignia and data markings to do one aircraft.

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