Superscale 48-926: AV-8B+ Harrier II

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Scott Van Aken

With the release of the new Hasegawa 1/48 AV-8B+ Harrier II kit this year (2004), it was not at all surprising that there would be some sheets for it. This is the first one and covers three planes, all in the three-grey scheme of FS 36118, 36231, 36375. The radomes are all in rather interesting colors as these were not painted. When you get your sheet, look at the instructions for some hints.

First up is a shark-mouthed Harrier II, something we don't see very often, from VMA-311.

Next is a 'normal' bird from VMA-542.

Finally a VMA-223 aircraft with some additional stripes on the tail, perhaps to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

There are markings for two of the planes and they include the special IR slime lights for use with night vision goggles.

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