Superscale 48-916: P-51D Mustangs

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Scott Van Aken

Moving into some Mustangs for a while, this particular sheet has two rather colorful D models, both in overall bare metal with OD anti-glare panels. There is no recommended kit for these, but I suspect that the Tamiya and Hasegawa kits will be used more than any.

First up is 'Chute you're Faded' as with the 505 FS/339 FG during late 1944. It has a nice red/white nose band to give it some color.

The other is 'Big Dick' which obviously meant something different in 1944 than it does today. This 87 FS/78 FG Mustang has the very nice black and white checkered nose with a red rudder.

Just as a postscript to the above, Del Miller wrote in with this:

"I checked out when I got home yesterday and found out that the bird was named after Dick Hewitt, the pilot and BIG DICK was a Craps call for double fives (hence the dice on the nose)." 

Seems that dice games were very popular as a lot of planes have dice or dice terms as part of their plane's name.

Insignia are provided for both and a very comprehensive data suite is provided for one.

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