Superscale 48-911: A-10A Thunderbolt II

Units: 131 and 182 FS




Scott Van Aken

Here is the second A-10 sheet. As with the first one, these are current aircraft, so you'll need to either find an aftermarket update set or get out the plastic card and filler so that you can bring the Monogram kit up to current standards. I recommend getting some sort of reference to help you out in this regard.

First is the 131 FS/104 FW plane from the Maryland ANG. It has some mission markings from the Iraq invasion on its nose. It is painted in the current scheme of FS 36320 and 36375.

The other A-10 is the boss bird from the 182 FS/110 FW.

As with the other sheet, this one has markings for Sidewinder, Maverick, and Rockeyes.

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