Superscale 48-910: A-10A Thunderbolt II

Units: 75 FS and 118 FS




Scott Van Aken

Superscale hasn't done an A-10 sheet for a very long time and it is nice to see this one, especially as it covers an Iraqi invasion plane as well as a 'regular' USAF version.

First up is from the Connecticut ANG's 118 FS. It has the usual slew of mission marks on the nose.

Next is a shark mouthed aircraft from the 75 FS/23 FG.

The only really acceptable kit is the Monogram version as the Tamiya kit is basically a prototype. You'll need to update the Monogram kit to current standards for these two so break out the references. Included on the sheet are data markings for Sidewinder, Maverick, and Rockeye munitions. Both planes are painted in the current FS 36320 and 36375 scheme.

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