Superscale 48-909: EA-6B Prowlers

Units: VMAQ-3 and VAQ-136




Scott Van Aken

This is the second new sheet on EA-6Bs and includes one Navy and one Marine Prowler. The only kit is the Monogram version and you'll need someone's update set to make the most current version.

First up is the VMAQ-3 plane. it is in the tactical scheme of FS 35327, 36320, 36375. Note that the second color on the sheet is mismarked as 36230. The only color in this plane is the eye of the dog, something that was different on every aircraft.

The CAG bird from VAQ-136 is also in the tactical paint scheme, but is much more colorful. One will need to be careful when applying the tail motif over the various fin antennas Though not noted, paint the lower aft of the vertical stab in black.

Update: I've been contacted by AM2 Larry Parker who painted this and other planes and he tells me that the lower aft portion of the vertical stab is not black but a dark blue. He used Krylon spray paint on it so there is no FS number.

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