Superscale 48-908: USMC EA-6B Prowlers

Units: VMAQ -1 and VMAQ-2




Scott Van Aken

One doesn't see too many Marine Prowler sheets so here is one for two of them. Of course, the Monogram kit with the necessary update sets is the only viable option in this scale.

The VMAQ-1 plane is painted in the current tactical paint scheme of FS35237, 36320, and 36375. The second color has a typo on the instructions so you need to be aware of that.  It has only a bit of color in its unit badge on the fit top.

The other is VMAQ-2's boss plane with black atop the  overall FS 36320 color scheme (also mislabeled as FS 36230).

There are insignia and small walkway areas for both planes.

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