Superscale 48-907: F-16A/C Falcons

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Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet has a number of older aircraft on it. All of the F-16Cs are the 'small mouth' versions. Most will chose the Hasegawa F-16 kit for doing this one. As with the other sheet, there are enough insignia for all aircraf and enough common data markings for one. All are in the older three grey scheme of FS 36375, 36270 and 36118 with a 26251 radome.

First up is this Reserve F-16A from the 93 FS/482 FW out of Homestead AFB in Florida. As a note, the commander's name is incorrect on the sheet as it is supposed to be Turner vice Taylor. Also the crew chief's name should be TSgt Nestor Paz.

Next is the 496 TFS/50 TFW squadron 'boss bird'. The 50 TFW was based at Hahn AFB in Germany and was decommissioned and the base closed during the big drawdown after Desert Storm. It has some nose art and is called 'Canum 1'

Also from the 50 TFW is the Wing Commander's aircraft, resplendent in the various squadron colors on the fit tip and the intake.

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