Superscale 48-906: F-16A/C Falcon

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Scott Van Aken

Moving to some ANG F-16s, here are three more recent aircraft. No recommended kit os provided, but most will go for the Hasegawa version when doing this one. All three are in the standard F-16 scheme of FS 26251 for the radome, 36270 for the underside, nose and tail, and 36118 for the rest of the upper side. This is the simplified scheme. There are insignia for  all three planes and data markings for one.

First up is the 125 FS/138 FW boss bird from the Oklahoma ANG based at Tulsa.

Next is one of the last F-16A users, the 184 FS/188 FW at Ft. Smith, Arkansas. They have since transitioned to the F-16C. Below is an image of a similar aircraft taken in 1999, but without the red parts on the boar's head.

Finally, the 163 FS/122 FW wing commander's plane from Ft. Wayne Indiana.

The ANG C models on this sheet are all using the Pratt & Whitney engines, so I guess that means the 'small mouth' versions.

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