Superscale 48-903: 49 FG P-40N Warhawks

Units: 49 FG




Scott Van Aken

Probably the most well known and, at least to this reviewer, the most interesting unit in the USAAF early in WWII was the 49 FG. It was there for all of the fighting from Australia to the Philippines. It also flew the P-40 more than probably any other unit outside of the 23rd FG in China. This sheet carries markings for three different aircraft and has insignia and data for two of them. It also has the now-expected bomb data markings.

All three planes are marked in a similar manner. They are OD over Neutral Grey with white tails and wing leading edges. The spinners are blue with white stripes and all have a blue tail band.

First up is 'Milk Wagon Express/Daddy's Girl', followed by 'O'Brian's Daughter' and finally by 'Island Dream'.

Below is a shot of  'O'Riley's Daughter' done with the Mauve P-40N kit and using Aeromaster decals. The ones on this sheet are basically identical.

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