Superscale 48- 900: P-40 Warhawk

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Scott Van Aken

Continuing with the nice Warhawk sheets, this one covers several different versions. For kits, one can use the various AMT or AMtech releases as they all make very nice models. Full insignia and data markings are provided for two of the planes and there is the now-usual bomb stencil markings.

First up is a P-40F in the desert scheme of Medium Green/Middlestone over Azure Blue. Actually, I'm thinking that perhaps the Medium Green should be Dark Earth, but without the reference, I'm not really sure. This is the CO's plane from the 57 FG and has the usual Med theater Red spinner.

Next is a P-40K from the 7FS/49 FG in New Guinea. This one is 'Nick Nichols Nip Nippers' and carries a nice shark mouth. Standard OD over Neutral Grey paint

Finally, here is 'Skeeter', a P-40E from the 9th FS/49th FG in Australia during 1942. It is in Medium Green and Middlestone over Azure Blue. Again, I'm thinking the Medium Green may be Dark Earth as the camo diagram does not list a Medium Green.

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