Superscale 48-898: P-40L/K Warhawk

Units: 57 & 79 FG




Scott Van Aken

How nice to have a new P-40 sheet. This one covers a couple of Med theater aircraft and they are painted in the Dark Earth and Middlestone over Azure scheme that was pretty standard for desert planes. For kits you have the AMT P-40K and the AMtech P40F/L to use. Both should be relatively easy to find.

First up is the P-40L 'Skipper' as flown by Lt. E. Parsons of the 86 FS/79 FG in Italy during 1944. The plane has undoubtedly seen a lot of hard use and has been subject to some patchy repainting. The interior color is listed on the sheet as FS 36118 which is a darkish grey and a rather unusual callout. It also has a very unusual set of insignia!

The other is 'Pop' a P-40K from the 66 FS/57 FG flown by Capt. G. 'Pop' Long in North Africa during 1943. Like the previous aircraft, this one has the British fin flash and red spinner as required for theater recognition on fighters.

There are enough insignia and common markings for both planes. Also included are a selection of bomb markings that seem to have become a staple with SS P-40 sheets.

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