Superscale 48-889: P-40M/N Warhawk

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Scott Van Aken

The second P-40 sheet is for the P-40M/N Warhawk. The P-40N is made by Mauve, Eduard (actually the Mauve kit reboxed) and AMT. Mauve also did a P-40M and is the recommended kit for both versions. There are three aircraft on this sheet with enough insignia for two along with a selection of bomb and data markings.

First is the Medium Green/Midstone over Azure Blue 'Squirlbate' from the 8FS/49 FG in New Guinea in 1943. This P-40N has a white empennage along with a white/yellow nose spinner.

From the 45 FS/15 FG comes this P-40N in Desert Tan over Azure Blue, making for an interesting scheme. This plane was based in the Gilbert Islands during 1944.

Finally, A P-40M from the 44FS/18 FG based on Guadalcanal during 1943. In OD over neutral grey, 'The Twerp'  has a white empennage along with white stripes on the fuselage and the wings.

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