Superscale 48-888: P-40K Warhawk

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Scott Van Aken

Sheet triple 8 is for the P-40K Warhawk. Now when it comes to ready-made kits, the only one around is the AMT version that has been out of production for many years. Not exactly the most detailed kit on the market, nor the easiest to build, with work, it can be made into a very nice model. This sheet provides markings for two aircraft, both in OD over Neutral Grey. Also included, as on every new P-40 sheet, are a selection of bomb stencils. Enough common markings and insignia are provided for both planes. A single instrument panel decal is also provided.

First is from the 64th FS/57th FG in North Africa in 1943. The only color on 'Death on Wings', aside from the nose and tail art, is the black spinner. There is supposed to be a white ring decal for the wheel hub, but I don't see it on the sheet. Late Note. The white ring is made by placing the red circle over the white circle. DOH! Here is a photo of the plane.

The other is from the 18 FS/343 FG in the Aleutians during 1944. This aircraft has a yellow spinner and white stripes on the tail. It also carries red surround insignia, which were supposed to have the red overpainted in late 1943, though, as you can see, not all units readily complied!

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