Superscale 48-882: P-51D Mustang

Units: 20 FG




Scott Van Aken

The token P-51 sheet from this latest batch is for planes of the 20th FG. The Tamiya kit is the recommended one, but these markings should fit others with a bit of trimming.

First up is 'Sad Sack' from the 79th FS. It has a black and natural metal spinner with the usual black and white squadron markings on the nose. It carries Mustang ID stripes on the wings and stabilizers.

An earlier Mustang without the fin fillet is this 55 FS bird with a great nose art. It carries no ID bands, but the upper surface of the wings, fuselage and stabilizer are painted OD. This also entends to the forward fuselage on which the artwork is painted. The nose/spinner is black and white. All known 1/48 kits will have to be modified to represent the earlier tail.

A full stencil suite is provided for one aircraft with insignia for both.

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