Superscale 48-880: P-47D Thunderbolts

Units: 57 FG




Scott Van Aken

The third new P-47 sheet is from the 57th FG in Italy during 1945. This sheet is sized for the Tamiya kit but should fit others.

First up is a D-28, 'Uncle Tom's Cabin/Boots' as flown by Lt. Thomas Bowers of the 65th FS. It is in natural metal with yellow wing and tail bands. It has a red forward cowling and yellow alternating cowl flaps that will have to be painted on. Same with the OD anti-glare panel. The wing pylons will have to be painted yellow and applied after the decal stripes.

The other is a D-30 'Jeeter' as flown by LtCol WJ Yates, the Deputy C.O. of the 57th FG. It is in OD over Neutral Grey with a red cowl front. It also carries the yellow wing and tail stripes. This plane was a 'returnee' from the Brazilians so has Brazilian Wing insignia on the underside. I'm not really sure if the rest of the cowling upper surface is natural metal, yellow or Neutral Grey as there is no definitive info on it in the instructions.

As with most Superscale T-bolt sheets, there are stencils, insignia and, in this case, wing stripes for one aircraft.

Here's a note from Carl Molesworth who provided the reference photos for this sheet; " The photos I sent them (I'm currently researching the 57th FG for an upcoming Osprey Elite Units book) clearly showed the cowling on "Jeeter" was OD/NG, but they nevertheless showed it differently on the instructions. Also note that the fuselage star/bar insignia was behind the vent. The profile of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is correct, and the decals for both a/c are accurate, however."

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