Superscale 48-873: A-7E Corsair II

Units: VA-66 and VA-146




Scott Van Aken

Just to do a bit of a tie-up with the earlier A-4C sheet, this one also includes markings for VA-66, which was disestablished as the Corsair II was nearing the end of its life. They did make it into the low viz era, but this is in the earlier light gull grey over white time frame. The other unit on the sheet is for VA-146 aboard the USS America. I find it gratifying that neither one of these subjects is a CAG bird. Don't get me wrong, I like CAG planes as much as the next person, but would much prefer a model of one of the regular unit planes. Fortunately for those who enjoy a lot of color on their models, even the 'plain Jane's' of the time were colorful critters.

Recommended kit is the Hasegawa A-7E which has recently been reboxed by Revell AG. If you have an ESCI A-7E, I suggest giving it away as it is a truly horrid kit. There are enough common markings and insignia to do one of the subjects.

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