Superscale 48-872: A-4C Skyhawk

Units: VA-66 & VA-76




Scott Van Aken

Scooter-holics will be glad of another sheet for their favorite aircraft. In this case it is the A-4C. Both are in the light gull grey over white scheme as early scooters didn't last long enough to get low-vized. The recommended kit is the Hasegawa A-4C though I'm sure these will fit the Hobbycraft kit with a bit of fudging.

The two units are VA-66 which was aboard the USS Intrepid and VA-76 from the USS Independence. Both are from 1969, so were probably some of the last fleet squadrons to operate the C model of the A-4. Though probably just my imagination, both schemes look quite similar to what is on the decal sheet for the Fujimi 1/72 version. VA-76 was the only scooter unit to knock down a Mig during the Vietnam War so all of its Skyhawks carried the kill marking on it.

As with most Superscale sheets there are enough common markings and insignia to do one of the two schemes. Superscale has also kindly supplied the antiglare panel as a decal to help those of us who are inept at masking these things!

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