Superscale 48-859: P-38F/F-5E Lightning

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Scott Van Aken

To finish up with the new stuff, here is a sheet for a couple more Lightnings. According to the placement sheet, the first plane is matched to the Hasegawa/ProModeler kit, while the recce bird is for the Academy kit.

'The Flying Dutchman' is from the 39 Fs in 1943. I do believe that this unit was operating from Guadalcanal at the time. It is in OD over Neutral grey with the fin tips in Medium Blue. A nice set of shark mouths is provided. The builder will have to paint the intakes red prior to decal application.

The F-5E photo bird is pretty standard apart from the 'Geronimo II' nose art. It is in natural metal with white spinners. While an OD nose antiglare panel is provided, the ones on the inside of the engine cowlings will have to be painted.

Again, an excellent selection of data markings and a super placement guide are provided.

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