Superscale 48-858: P-38J Lightning

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Scott Van Aken

Haven't seen much in the way of new P-38 sheets in a long time. This particular one is for the P-38J. Now you have several choices in kits for the P-38. Unfortunately, none of them are very easy to build as each has its fit problems. The oldest available is the Monogram kit, which can be built as several different variants. It is the most difficult to build. Tied for second is the Hasegawa and the Academy kit. Both are much newer than the Monogram kit, but both have their individual challenges. There is no first place in this category! I should mention that the kit has the decals matched to the Academy kit.

First aircraft is 'Black Market Babe' from the 432nd FS in New Guinea during 1944. It is in olive drab over neutral grey with yellow on the fin tips. It carries a nice nose art for those who like such things.

The other plane is also from the 475th FG, but this time, the 433rd FS, and from later in the Philippines. By this time, the planes were in natural metal. This one has shark mouths on the engines with blue checkers on the coolers and a blue stripe on the boom. The anti-glare panel is provided as a decal, which is particularly nice.

A bunch of data markings are provided as is an excellent placement guide.

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