Superscale 48-855: P-40F/L Warhawk

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Scott Van Aken

For the second Merlin engined Warhawk sheet, here are a couple of more North African planes. Both are in Dark Earth/Sand over Azure Blue with red spinners.

First is another 325 FG Checkertail Clan plane, the 'Duchess of Durham IV' from 1943 in Tunisia. I'd suggest checking out some images in the references for the color behind the nose art and the color of the intake area. I'm thinking Dark Earth for the background, but not at all sure what the forward cowling color could be. Again, the builder will have to paint the yellow for the black checks.

The other plane is from the 85 FS/79 FG around the same time. It is similarly painted to the previous plane and has some really nice rudder art to spice things up!

Again, the only kit for the job is the AMtech P-40F. Bomb data decals are supplied as a bonus.

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