Superscale 48-854: P-40F Warhawk

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Scott Van Aken

Now for the first of two new sheets on the long tailed Merlin powered P-40. This sheet has two F-1 variants and is specifically designed for the AMtech kit with the resin nose.

First is the rather often done 'Trixie' of the 318 FS/325 FG or the 'Checkertail Clan'. I did my kitbashed AMT P-40L using these markings and it is a rather colorful aircraft. Simple paint in that it is Olive Drab over Neutral Grey. All the checkerboard markings are provided. You simply paint the areas yellow.

The other is 'Lil Joe III' from the 79th FG. This is in RAF equivalent colors of Dark Earth and Middlestone over Azure Blue. As with the previous aircraft, the spinner is in red.

Like the other P-40 sheets, a nice selection of US bomb markings is provided to help fill the sheet.

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