Superscale 48-808: B-25D Mitchells

Units: 501 BS/345 BG




Scott Van Aken

This sheet is for two aircraft from the same unit in New Guinea during 1944. These early D model B-25s are in Olive Drab over Neutral Grey with red cowling fronts. Both have gun packs on the fuselage, extra guns in the nose, a blast plate and extra armor around the cockpit and an open tail gun position. The lower turrets were removed from these planes to save weight and because they just didn't work.

First plane is 'Tin Liz' from when the unit was based in Port Moresby. This is the planes second nose artwork. The reference shows the plane with all of the nose windows painted over. The other is 'Meany' from the days at Nadzab, also in New Guinea. This is 'Meany's second nose artwork as well and the better of the two. According to the reference given in the sheet, there should also be a red wheel cover with a yellow star in the center of it that isn't on the decal sheet. Both have lots of mission markings on them so the planes themselves will have been rather well used at this time.

The only viable option for kits is the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 B-25C/D/G kits. Yeah, the G kit can be built as a C/D, but you'll have to deviate from the instructions to do so. Superscale has been providing all the proper insignia and data markings with its newer sheets. Personally, I like this as it just makes it easier to have everything on one sheet.

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