Superscale 48-848: B-25C Mitchells

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Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet covers a trio of B-25C Mitchells. All are painted in OD over Neutral grey. The kit of choice is the Accurate Miniatures B-25C/D.

First is 'Blunder Bus' one of the earliest aircraft of the 345 BG in New Guinea during 1943. It was written off rather early so was not converted to a strafer though it did have the open tail gun and no lower turret, a common modification to most of these planes. This 499 BS plane had azure blue engine cowling fronts. Though it is shown with ejector exhaust, the photo in the reference does not show these. Though the photo is not that good, one can see that it probably had the collector type exhaust. There is no information on the insignia in the photos so I can't be sure if it is there or not. I find it odd that the plane would be without them and more than likely that it would have had the un-barred roundel.

Next is the first of two planes from the 13 BS/3 BG. The first one with the fearsome shark mouth is 'Mortimer', flown by Edward Soloman from Port Moresby in New Guinea. This aircraft was modified to a strafer with the additional nose guns and the fuselage gun packs

The other 13 BS plane is 'El Aguila' with a nice white hawk on the nose. It appears to be a straight bomber with no additional guns. Not sure why the drawings for all the planes show the 'bump' in the gear door in black as the wheels were fully enclosed.

I was able to find a photo of 'Mortimer' and can verify that it did have the ejector exhaust as shown. Though I couldn't find a picture of 'El Aguila', its serial number is quite close to the 'Mortimer's so logically it should be similarly equipped.

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