Superscale 48-845: P-40 F/L Warhawks

Units: 325 FG




Scott Van Aken

This is the second sheet for long-tailed P-40F/L Warhawks to take advantage of the recently released AMtech kit. It is not surprising that the 325 FG or 'Checker-tail Clan' would be involved as they are very colorful planes. All three of these are in the desert scheme of Dark Earth/Sand over Azure Blue. The fins and stabilizers will need painted yellow prior to attaching the black checks. The spinner also needs to be painted red.

First is the group commander's plane, 'Lighthouse Louie'. It is a P-40L. Now the L model was a lightened F and one of the things done were that the outer wing guns were removed. Often these were reinstalled in theater as the only modification done to the plane was to cover over the outer gun hole. The mountings and shell ejector chutes remained.  Check photos to be sure.

A real P-40F is 'Lott-O' from the 318th FS. Other than the nose art, it is painted exactly the same as the others.

Finally, another L model is 'Sawtooth/Apache' from the 317th FS. Most of these planes saw a lot of use so were undoubtedly less than pristine.

There are enough checks for one plane, enough insignia for two as well as a selection of data markings and a nice section of bomb data that will come in handy.

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