Superscale 48-844: P-40F Warhawks

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Scott Van Aken

Thanks to the recent release of AMtech's P-40F, we are now getting some nice sheets for the long-tailed version. Thios one has two planes on it, both in desert colors of Dark Earth/Sand over Azure Blue. Spinners are red.

First is 'Sweet Bets' from the 87th FS/79th FG in 1943. It has both nose and tail artwork, which makes for a colorful plane. The tail art is 'Dopey' from Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. The aircraft also has yellow and black checks on the wheel covers.

The other plane is 'Sweet Stuff' from the 64th FS/57th FG, also in 1943. A red surround insignia is included on this aircraft. As with just about all US planes operating in this part of North Africa, a British fin flash was applied on the fin. The first plane has it covering much of the first part of the serial. This one has the third number applied over the flash on this side and the fourth number over the flash on the other. Seems Superscale learned from its glitch on an earlier B-25 sheet!

There are enough markings for both planes and a separate section of decals specifically for bomb markings to be used with other aircraft, a nice touch.

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