Superscale 48-843: P-47D Thunderbolt

Units: 65th FS/57th FG




Scott Van Aken

Here is a great sheet that covers a single plane, but has a lot of color in it. This plane is overall bare metal with a red cowl front and yellow bands. The yellow bands are provided as decals, but you may want to paint them so that the yellow-painted pylons match.

This P-47D-27 is 'Hun Hunter IV' of Gilbert Wieland. There has been some discussion as to some possible glitches regarding the info on this sheet and I'd like to pass them along to those who might be concerned. One is the prop. Apparently this one is actually a -23 T-bolt so should have the asymmetrical Curtiss-Electric prop. Secondly, the wing leading edge numbers should be blue outlined in black instead of all black. The biggie is the Prop, but if you have an Academy P-47N kit, just swap the props. All the proper insignia and data markings are included.

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