Superscale 48-841: P-47D

Units: 56 FG




Scott Van Aken

Thanks to the inexhaustible amount of research provided to Superscale on the P-47 by die-hard fans, we now have yet another Jug sheet. This sheet contains markings for two planes and insignia/data for one. The markings are for either the Hasegawa or Tamiya sheet, though I wouldn't doubt if they'll find their way onto a Monogram, Otaki or even Testors/Hawk version! Because the Tamiya kit can be modeled with the turbocharger doors closed, two sets of fuselage insignia are provided.

First is a P-47D-11 'Hollywood High Hatter' of the 61st FS. It has a red cowl, no pylons, a Curtiss-electric symmetrical prop, and a horn type mirror. Like the other plane on the sheet, it is painted in OD over Neutral Grey.

The other is a D-20, also with a Curtiss-Electric prop, but this time a 12.2 foot one vice the 13 foot version used on the previous plane. 'Ol Steel Butt' from the 63rd FS also has a red cowling, but has the pylons and D-Day stripes under the fuselage. The upper fuselage is in newer OD paint where these markings were painted out.

Grab those jugs and start building!!

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