Superscale 48-839: He-111H

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Scott Van Aken

Here's the second He-111H sheet. This one has three aircraft on them though only enough insignia and data markings for one plane. A second set of swastikas is provided. All are in RLM 70/71/65, the common bomber colors.

First is from KG 26 in Russia during 1942. It has white spinners but is otherwise devoid of Eastern front markings. Such is not the case for the KG 53 plane. It has yellow spinners, lower wing tips and fuselage band. Finally, another Blitz bomber from KG 54 in France during 1940. The kit of choice for this sheet is the very nice Monogram/ProModeler version. I'd highly recommend researching the references to ensure that you are doing the proper subtype as SuperScale doesn't provide that info and there were differences.

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