Superscale 48-838: He-111H

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Scott Van Aken

It seems as if interest in planes comes in cycles. At least it appears that way when doing decal reviews! I no more than finished writing the one on 1/72 He-111s from an older Aeromaster sheet, than the latest batch of Superscale sheets arrived with two of them dedicated to the 111H. Both subjects are in the standard bomber camo of RLM 70/71/65. Neither of the subjects has any additional color in terms of prop spinners, fuselage bands or tail markings.

The first plane is from KG 51 in France during 1940 and probably partook in the Blitz of London. The other is from KG-100 in 1942. It differs from the earlier plane only by having plain white crosses on the upper wings.  The sheet provides common markings and data info for one aircraft as well as an upper surface painting guide and data placement diagram. There are several references given that you may wish to check for more info.

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