Superscale 48-831: Robert Johnson's P-47s

Units: 56 FG




Scott Van Aken

Here is a sheet that isn't done often, but when it is, usually it gets a good response from modelers. Superscale has chosen to do four of the P-47s of US ace Robert Johnson. All of the versions in this set are the Razorback P-47s (probably to coincide with the new Tamiya kit). Unless mentioned, they are OD over Neutral Grey.

The oldest plane is in the upper right and that is a P-47C-2 'Half Pint'. It is in the older roundels and has the white ID marks on the tail and the cowling. How anyone could confuse a P-47 with an FW-190 is beyond me, but apparently the 'shoot first and ask questions later' crowd did. As a C model, this plane had different cowl flaps from the D and had no wing pylons.

Next in time is 'Lucky' a P-47D-5. It is shown in the lower left. It has a red cowling and no underwing racks. The tail stripes are gone and it carries a rather suggestive cowling art.

'Double Lucky' is a P-47D-15 and is shown to the right of  'Lucky'. Apparently this one wasn't flown that much as there is no nose art though a nice kill score is on the side. It also has a red cowl front.

Finally, in the upper left is 'Penrod and Sam', undoubtedly his most famous ride. This D-21 is in overall bare metal with a red cowling front and yellow rudder. It carries his final score on the side f the plane. It also has wing pylons.

The correct info on the prop that is carried is given with each type. As with the previous sheet, the fuselage insignia are fitted for both the Hasegawa and the Tamiya kit. There are enough data markings for one plane and enough insignia for two if one of them is the P-47C.

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