Superscale 48-826 31 FG Spitfires

Units: 31 FG




Scott Van Aken

As many of us know, there was 'reverse' lend-lease during WWII. This was primarily for two reasons. One was that there were not enough US aircraft available for units who were sent to various parts of the war. The northern European theater got priority on everything. Secondly, it was often easier on the supply system to be flying the same plane as other Allied units in the area. One or both of these were the reason that the 31st FG started flying Spitfire Vcs when it went into action in late 1942. They kept them for well over a year before transitioning to other types.

For models, well you have several very good choices. Tamiya, Airfix, and Hasegawa all make this kit and depending on your tastes and expense account, any will make a good basis for a model. One thing you do have to be sure of, especially when it comes to the Hasegawa kit, is that it has the tropical filter. This little option turned the sleek, svelte, Spitfire into one of the ugliest aircraft ever to do battle outside of France. (The comments of the reviewer are not the official position of ModelingMadness Inc or its many world-wide subsidiaries)

All of the aircraft are in a desert camouflage and most are Dark Earth/Mid Stone over Azure Blue except where noted. It is an equally nice touch that each of the options have different US insignia. There are data markings for one aircraft and insignia for all three.

First is WZ*B from the 309th FS. This aircraft is the camo exception, using Dark Green/Brown for the upper colors. Note that the instructions say brown and not dark earth. I guess it was a local mix or something. This one has the early 'barred' US insignia without surround.

Next is HL*E from the 308th FS. This  one, as with the first plane, has a red spinner, but is in full RAF desert camo colors..

Finally is MX*P from the 307th FS. Since it is a Nov 1942 plane, it has a white spinner. This was before the red spinner theater recognition feature was applied. It has the earliest of the insignia with a yellow surround star. It also has a very large sharkmouth which makes it a bit more unusual and no less ugly!

So here is a great sheet for your next Spit.

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