Superscale 48-825: B-25 C/D Mitchell

Units: 345 BG / 321 BG




Scott Van Aken

Astute readers will have noted that there are advertisements for the Accurate Miniatures B-25C/D Mitchell showing up in the various on-line stores. A good time for a new B-25 sheet and this one has a couple of very good choices. Of course, if you want to put these markings on the old Revell B-25C/D kit, then they couldn't hurt, but most who buy this sheet won't. There are insignia for both planes, but the white stripe on the fuselage of the 500BS plane will have to be painted or come from aftermarket decal stripe sheets.

First plane is from the 500th BS/345 BG. 'Hell's Fire' is a strafer with  the four gun nose and gun packs on both sides. Now I'm not sure if the gun packs are the locally developed ones or those sent from the factory. I suggest checking the reference 'Warpath across the Pacific' to verify this. The plane itself is OD over neutral grey. The nose windows were overpainted in OD so this area and that for the gun packs and any additional armor will be in a fresher paint. The 500th had red engine cowlings. Considering all the mission markings, this will not be a pristine plane.

The other is a B-25C-1 from the 445th BS/321st BG in French Morocco. There is some conjecture as to whether the upper surface is OD or Sand. It is nice that SS mentions that they don't know rather than just boldly stating it is one or the other. This is very much a standard bomber so has none of the additions of the 345th BG version above. The nice thing about not being sure of the color is that the builder can pick the one he likes the best. For me, that would be sand  :o) As another note, I'm thinking that maybe the British fin flashes should be on the inside of the fin as well. All the pictures I've seen of these planes in such markings indicates this. One other thing is that the '207' is the last three of the serial number. Now since the fin flash blocks the first three on the port side, that means that on the starboard side, the first three digits should be visible. This isn't what Superscale shows. If  this truly is a B-25C-1, then those three digits will be 113. Those will have to come from aftermarket as will the additional fin flashes.

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