Superscale 48-824: A-4E/M Skyhawk

Units: VMAT-102 / VMA-311




Scott Van Aken

So you want more Skyhawk decals for your Hasegawa/Hobbycraft Scooters? Well here is a particularly nice one. In my mind, two of the coolest markings for later A-4s. In order to fit the needed markings onto this sheet, Superscale left off the usual nose anti-glare panel. You can scrounge that off another sheet or paint it on. Insignia and common markings are for one plane. Both are in the Light Gull Grey over White scheme that is so beloved by USN modelers.

Both of these markings (or ones very similar) were given with kits of yore. The VMAT-102 ones were included in a Monogram A-4E/F kit and the VMA-311 ones with an ESCI kit. Unfortunately for us all, these decals were not exactly the best that one could find. Oh, they worked, but it would have been nice to have better ones. Now you do.

The VMA-311 'Tomcat' markings just ooze cool with that cat 'leaning' up against the rudder as it does. The rudder itself is yellow and will have to be painted by the modeler. The red stripes are included for those of us who are not that psyched up on doing all that masking. Below is a shot of a ESCI 1/48 A-4M (built decades ago) with these markings.

For the VMAT-102 plane, this is probably the most colorful set of markings put on a 'regular' USMC Skyhawk. The big red fuselage marking and red fin are a standout.

Either set of markings should look great on your next Hasegawa/Hobbycraft A-4.

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