Superscale 48-821: P-51 Mustangs

Units: 4 and 357 FG




Scott Van Aken

The second of the new sheets covers the older P-51s and provides some much needed aces markings. These have been on older sheets, but those have been very difficult to find so it was time for a new release. This sheet has been designed for the Tamiya P-51B kit so they may need adjustment for use with any other. The first two planes are in OD over Neutral grey and all have white wing/horizontal stabilizer stripes, which must be painted on. Common markings and insignia provided for one plane. I wish this sheet was around last year when I did the ICM 1/48 P-51B as it really needed these decals!

First plane is Don Gentile's 'Shangri-La', undoubtedly one of the most built Mustangs there is. New info on this sheet from others I've seen is the red wheels.

Next is Duane Beeson's 'Boise Bee'. This plane is from early 1944, as is Gentile's. Many folks just don't realize that the P-51D was a rather late war plane as was the bubble-top P-47. Much of the USAAF Mustang and Thunderbolt usage was with the earlier versions.

Finally, in RAF Dark Green over RAF Medium Sea Grey is Bon Bochkay's 'Speedball'. It was not uncommon for planes that were heavily reworked in the UK to be repainted in RAF colors when the USAAF ones were not available. This was one of them.

As with all of the new Superscale sheets, an excellent data placement guide is provided for all those data stencils.

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